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Each wedding inspiration gallery is carefully selected to inspire and give you ideas for your D-day, as well as serve as a guide when planning your own wedding. Click each image below to view the corresponding wedding inspiration.
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Wedding Vendors in Nigeria

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There are Wedding Vendors in Nigeria (Professional and verified wedding vendors) and there are also “Wedding Vendors in Nigeria”. I’m talking about the Over Sabi Vendor and the I’ve been doing this before you were born kind of vendors, who never takes responsibilities etc but wants your money. Meanwhile, when things go wrong after you complain or draw their attention to certain thing, you get blamed for it. Those who experienced the later will understand and they also come across as though they are skilled, experienced and can do anything and everything. Please, don’t be a victim.

It’s a known fact that flawless execution of any wedding day plans will mostly rest on the shoulders of a wedding vendor or wedding vendors. However, when you consider the number of different little and tiny “mini-events” that take place throughout a wedding day,  then it becomes quickly apparently clear that each of these tiny events will be greatly influenced by the wedding vendors you choose.

Typically, Wedheart wedding vendors will already have experience with wedding venues and they will share the experiences with you as a guide. However, it is also very important for you the bride/groom to-be, to know the policies of the wedding venue, because some venues have limits in terms what they allow wedding vendors to do on their premises.

Enlist Wedheart wedding vendors when making decisions on anything regarding your wedding including decorations. Certain varieties may be specific to spaces and locations.

Wedding Cake Vendors in Nigerian and Abroad

When choosing wedding cake vendors, make sure to approach them with ideas yet allow your self to be open to their professional suggestions. See some traditional wedding cake inspirations and white wedding cake inspirations here. Most wedding cake vendors have specialties that they will recommend with good reason. After years and years of feedback on their cakes, wedding cake vendors know which of their creations gets the best reviews. It’s not just about your love of lava cake, it’s really more about what that chef does best.

In some locations, the list of specialty wedding vendors can seem endless, and in other places, you may be lucky to have any selection at all. For instance, regardless of when, where and who you imagine as your wedding vendors, will above all, take you down the easiest path to finding the best options for you.

Looking for a wedding Mc to keep the atmosphere in its prime and the party on track? Need a wedding DJ who knows how to rock the highs and soothe the lows? Hoping for a wedding caterer who will deliver a delectable wedding feast? A wedding photographer or a limo driver at the very least? Take a look at our wedding vendor reviews and let the experiences of others help you to choose. With you are sure of the best wedding vendors in Nigeria and beyond are just clicks away.